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Methela in Bollywood for her first film 'Rohingya'

Tanjia Zaman Methela is known to all as a model. She is mostly seen in fashion shows or on big billboards of fashion houses.The model has added a new feather to her hat. Methela is writing her name with the tag of an actor for the first time in a film.

From the very first step in acting the model looked to Bollywood’s cinema industry. Methela recently acted in a Bollywood movie titled ‘Rohingya’. Haider Khan is directing the movie. The actress said that ninety percent shooting of the movie has been completed.

“I have been offered to work in many films of Bangladesh. However, they were not the lead role. I wanted my movie career to start with a central character. I am playing a central role in this Bollywood film. For me, this is a big achievement,” Methela said.

When asked how she got the opportunity to work in this film she replied, “Rohingya director Haider Khan also does photography from time to time. I got acquainted with him in that way.

He has served as assistant director of Bollywood’s ‘Commando’ and ‘Dangal’ films. In June last year, he asked me to give a look test for ‘Rohingya’. After the look test, I got the chance to work in it.”

Methela plays the role of Rohingya girl Husne Ara in the film. She learned Rohingya and Hindi language for the film. Methela said that the love story of a Rohingya girl is being shown in the film.

She went to India for the shooting of the rest of the film on January 28. Shooting will continue for 10 days in Manali, Tripura.’Mr Bhutan’ Sange is playing opposite Methela in the film ‘Rohingya’ produced under Bollywood’s Lion Production banner. ‘Rohingya’ will be released by mid-2020.


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